This is a story about 6 things we care about at Flying Tiger Copenhagen…

Good chemistry

We evaluate all products to make sure they do not contain any harmful ingredients. 

Going greener

We all need to be more conscious of our impact on the environment. These containers reduce the use of plastic by 35%.

Extraordinary every day

At Flying Tiger Copenhagen we add extra to the ordinary. Our Danish design department creates unique everyday products each month.


At Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we want to inspire you to do things together. Creativity is a source that only grows stronger, when it’s shared with others.

Unplug and play

We think digital experiences are cool, but nothing beats playing in the real world.

Life is a party

Our belief. The more you celebrate life, the more in life there is to celebrate.

See you soon

This book shows some of the 700 products you can get all year. But there’s more in store. Each month we launch 100’s of limited items.

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